Migration Review Tribunal

Migration Review Tribunal

Was your visa declined? You may have the right for appeal.

Not all visa applications are successful upon their first submission. While it may be that you are simply not eligible – some visa rejections present strong grounds for appeal and can be re-submitted for assessment. If you believe your visa application deserves a second opinion, we can help you.

What is the Migration Review Tribunal?

The Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) works independently to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. They carry out reviews related to visa cases and can appeal your case.

How does it work?

If you receive a letter declining your visa, but feel that your case has not been judged fairly, you can prepare a case for appeal. You will need to apply for a review and may even need to present your case in a hearing and answer questions for the MRT to make their final decision.

How can AIS Immigration Solutions help me win my case?

  • Phone Interview: Call us on +61 7 3216 0052 to discuss your declined or cancelled visa application and we can schedule a consultation to go over your case.
  • Consultation: We will look over your grounds for appeal and determine whether you have a strong chance at success by going through the MRT. Essentially, you can find out whether your best option is to proceed with your appeal.
  • We Prepare Your Case: If you decide to proceed, we will help prepare your case, giving you the best chance for success. We will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Remember – we only take on Migration Review Tribunal cases if we believe you have a strong chance of winning. We genuinely want the best for you and will always be upfront and honest if we don’t think you should proceed with your appeal. We are here to advise in your best interests.

Has your visa been unfairly declined?

Call AIS Immigration Solutions on +61 7 3216 0052 to find out what to do next.