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The Adoption child visa (subclass 102) is a visa scheme suited to adoptive children of Australian residents. It is filed by parents on behalf of the children. If your application is successfully finalised, the child will be granted permanent residency. They’ll be entitled to study, work and stay in Australia indefinitely. They can sponsor future visa applicants, use the public health system (Medicare), and obtain Australian citizenship when they become eligible. The application fee for this visa is relatively low compared to other visas.


To obtain an Adoption (subclass 102) visa, an adopting parent must be:

  • An Australian citizen
  • The holder of an Australian permanent resident visa
  • An eligible New Zealand citizen

In addition, the child must be:

  • Living outside of Australia when the application is submitted and finalised
  • Younger than 18 years old
  • Already adopted or in the process of being adopted
  • Be adopted or in the process of being adopted by their sponsor parent

If the child is under 18 years of age at the time of application, but will turn 18 before the application is decided, they will not be eligible for this visa.


Application processing times aren’t published by the Department of Home Affairs for this particular visa, but if you get in touch with us, we can usually give you a ballpark figure based on our experiences helping other adoptive parents. Adoptive parents submit the application for this visa on behalf of their child. Any siblings of the adoptive child (if also being adopted) will require a separate application.

If, however, the dependent child also has children of their own, they can be listed on their application. If this is the case, when the visa application is finalised, they’ll receive the same rights and obligations as the main applicant / dependent child.


The child must be by an eligible person, which can be an Australian permanent resident, citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen. Sponsors must be reviewed by government before the application can proceed. The parents must have adopted or be in the process of adopting the child, which can be done through an arrangement with a state central authority, an intercountry adoption, or through an expatriate adoption from an Australian resident. Select circumstances apply; if you’re unsure about which apply to you, visit the Intercountry Adoptions Australia site for more information, or send us an enquiry for tailored assistance.


  • The child must pass the character (if over 16) and health requirements.
  • The child must obey all Australian laws during your residency.
  • The child’s debts owing to the Australian government, if any, must be paid back before applying.
  • The child must have not had a visa previously cancelled.
  • The application must be in the best interests of the child.


The cost of applying for this visa is $2,710 per main applicant. Additional charges will apply if the dependent child has children of their own on the application. Other costs such as health exams or police certificates may apply.


This visa suits adoptive or prospective adoptive parents of a child that currently lives overseas. The visa must be applied for while the child lives overseas and can be applied for by parents in select circumstances.

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