Remaining Relative Visa


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This visa grants permanent residency to successful applicants. It allows you and any additional applicants to work, study and live in Australia indefinitely. Access to the public health system (Medicare), citizenship (once eligible) and the ability to sponsor future visa applicants all become available. It is ideally suited to someone who has no relatives elsewhere.

If you have near relatives (see ‘Sponsor Requirements’ below) that live elsewhere, but have children living in Australia, we recommend looking at one of the parent visa options.


To obtain a Remaining Relative (subclass 115) visa, you must:

  • Be outside Australia when you apply for this visa and when the application is finalised
  • Be a remaining relative of an Australian citizen or Permanent resident or an Eligible New Zealand citizen. If you have a spouse or de facto partner, they will also need to satisfy this requirement
  • Have an eligible sponsor, willing to sponsor you and any family applicants on your application


You must be living outside of Australia when you apply for this visa. You can add additional family members to this application at any time before a decision is processed.

Processing times for this visa category aren’t published by the Department of Home Affairs, but if you get in touch with us, we can usually provide you with a ballpark figure based on recent visa applications we’ve assisted with.


You must be sponsored by an eligible person, which must be an Australian permanent resident, citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen. Sponsors must be reviewed by government before the application can proceed.

Your sponsor must be a near relative to you and neither you or your partner may have another near relative that lives outside of Australia.

To qualify as a ‘near relative’, your sponsor must be a:

  • Parent or step-parent; or
  • Partner’s parent or step-parent; or
  • Sibling or step-sibling; or
  • Child or stepchild who is 18 or older and not dependent on you; or
  • Child or stepchild who is under 18 and not in your or your partner’s daily care and control


  • You must pass the character and health requirements.
  • You must obey all Australian laws during your residency.
  • You must obtain assurance of support; a paid bond and document that proves you aren’t at risk of relying on government support.
  • You must have paid back any debt owing to the Australian government, if any.
  • You must have not had a visa previously cancelled.


The cost of this visa is $6,490, paid in two instalments, the first portion when you apply and the second portion when the application is finalised. Additional fees apply for any additional applicants (such as your spouse, partner or family). The cost of a police and health check will also likely apply to you and any additional applicants.


This visa should only be applied by those living outside of Australia, with their only nearest relative living in Australia. There are other permanent residency visa options available to people with parents, children or partners living in Australia if this visa does not apply to you. Check out the rest of the family visas we offer, as well as some of the other relative visa options available.

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