188E Business Visa (Entrepreneur)
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188E Business Visa (Entrepreneur)

AIS Immigration Solutions can help guide you through the application process for your 188E Business (Entrepreneur) visa. We are a team of qualified migration agents based in Brisbane and we provide a range of visa application services including consulting and guidance.

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188E Business Visa Features:

The 188E Business visa is ideal for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and financial backing from third parties. It is a 4-year temporary visa and is only available to applicants who have been nominated by an Australian state or territory government. Applicants will need to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the SkillSelect system be nominated.

Once the applicant has spent 2 years in Australia being sponsored by a state or territory government, they will qualify for a permanent residence via the Business Innovation and Investment (Residence) subclass 888 visa.

You do not need to be in Australia when you lodge this visa, but if you are in Australia then you will need to hold a current Substantive Visa or a Bridging A, B or C visa.

188E Visa Eligibility:

To obtain a 188E Business (Entrepreneur) visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant must be nominated by a state or territory government
  • The applicant must have Competent English
  • Be under 55 years of age (unless a state or territory government nominates you as providing ‘exceptional economic benefit’ to the state or territory.
  • Have a funding agreement in place for at least $200,00 to establish a venture in Australia
  • Ownership interest of at least 30% in the venture
  • Your proposed venture need to be either commercialisation of a product or service in Australia, or development of an enterprise of business within Australia.
  • Certain activities are not considered sufficiently innovative and are excluded – these include the purchase of an existing business or franchise, real estate activities and labour hire activities.

To apply for the Entrepreneur Visa, you will need to have an agreement for at least $200,000 in funding from a commercial agency, a state or territory government, a publicly funded research organisation or investors who are registered as Venture Capital Limited Partnerships or Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnerships. The funding agreement must involve the transfer of at least 10% of the funds within 12 months of commencing the activity in Australia.

Is this visa right for me?

Business visas are complex and it can be difficult to determine if you are eligible, and which 188 business visa stream to apply for. If you need assistance determining if your circumstances are suitable for the 188E Business visa, or if you would like help with the application process, get in touch with AIS Immigration Solutions today or book a Skype meeting.

Speak to one of our helpful migration assistants today on +61 7 3216 0052 or send us an enquiry for help in obtaining your 188E Business visa.