Australia benches extradition policy and provides 5-year visa to Hong Kong Internationals.

In a landmark move, Australia benched its extradition policy with Hong Kong in light of growing concerns of national security law imposition in Hong Kong.

Australia today has taken steps to suspend our extradition agreement. We have formally notified Hong Kong and advised the Chinese authorities. I also note that our travel advice for Hong Kong has been updated, and we’d encourage Australians to refer to that travel advice.” –  Scott Morrison, PM of Australia.

What does this mean for Hong Kong residents?

  • Current and future students will be eligible for a five (5) year graduate visa  after their graduation with a pathway to permanent residency at the end of that period.
  • Skilled workers and graduate visa holders will be offered an extension of five (5) years from today with a pathway to permanent residency.
  • Temporary skilled visa holders will be offered an additional five (5) years visa extension.
  • Future HK Applicants will receive a five (5) year temporary visa too. This is however subject to meeting an updated skills list and appropriate market testing.

For all the above cases, at the end of the 5 year period there is a PR pathway available for HK residents.

  • Australia will focus on HK residents studying and working in regional areas to make up for skill shortages and provide a 3-year express Permanent Residency pathway.
  • Australia is also welcoming export-based Hong Kong businesses to relocate to Australia.

We will keep you updated as soon as we receive new information.