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The child visa (subclass 101) allows a child who is living outside of Australia to live with their parents in Australia. It is a permanent visa, available to children who are dependent on their parents, single, and below a certain age (depending on circumstances).

If granted, this visa will give your dependent child the ability to work, study and live in Australia permanently, enrol in public health care (Medicare), sponsor other relatives in future visa applications, and apply for Australian citizenship once they become eligible. Holders of this visa will be required to abide by Australian laws.


To obtain a Child (subclass 101) visa, your dependent child must:

  • Be over 18, or under 25 and studying full-time, or be over 18 with a disability
  • Sponsored by their parent or parent’s partner
  • Single

The child must be living outside of Australia at the time you send the application. Step children under 18 are eligible, as well as adopted children who were adopted before the parents became Australian residents. If you’re an Australian resident in the process of adopting a child overseas, we recommend exploring the Adoption visa (subclass 102).


Parents living in Australia will submit this application on behalf of their dependent child. Any siblings of the child require a separate application. If, however, the dependent child also has children of their own, they can be listed on their application. If the visa application is granted, they’ll receive the same rights and obligations as the main applicant / dependent child.

Currently, 75% of applications for this visa are processed within 11 months, with 90% of all applications being processed within 17 months.


Your dependent child must be sponsored by an Australian permanent resident, citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen. They must also be their parent, their spouse or de facto partner. Sponsors must be reviewed by government before the application can proceed.


  • The child must pass the character (if over 16) and health requirements.
  • The child must obey all Australian laws during your residency.
  • The child’s debts owing to the Australian government, if any, must be paid back before applying.
  • The child must have not had a visa previously cancelled.
  • The application must be in the best interests of the child and they must consent to migrating to Australia.
  • The child must not be married or in a de facto relationship with a partner.
  • The child must follow all Australian laws.


The cost of applying for this visa is $2,710 per main applicant. There will be additional charges if the dependent child has children of their own on the application. Other costs such as health exams or police certificates may apply.


This visa is suited to children with parents living in Australia in most circumstances. It has a relatively cheap application fee compared to other visas and the processing time is similar to other visas that your dependent child may be eligible for. If your child currently lives in Australia with you and requires a child visa, we recommend applying for the Onshore Child visa (subclass 802). There’s also the Adoption visa (subclass 102) for Australian parents currently in the process of adopting a child living overseas.

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